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The Lower Trestles

The Lower Trestles

$4,595.00 Regular Price
$3,595.00Sale Price

Southern California's Premier rooftop tent! This tent is equipped with everything you need to enjoy and explore the great outdoors!  All the Benefits of a soft shell tent and a standard harshell tent mixed into one. 



ASA/ABS plastic Shell


The Lower Tresltes shell is made from ABS plastic with an outside layer of ASA plastic for weather resistance.


Wall Material


The Lower Tresltes wall material is a polyurethane-coated polyester and cotton blend with a waterproof rating of 3000mm (for comparison, a typical waterproof rating on a backpacking tent is 1000mm). The fabric is much thicker and tougher than a typical backpacking tent — more like a heavy-duty wall tent. The material provides additional warmth and is quieter in the wind due to its weight.


Doors and Windows


The Lower Trestles has 2 windows with canvas and mesh zip closures. It has a canvas cover on the main door, as well as a mesh window with full zip. An integrated clear plastic viewing window is built into the tent cover, along with a mesh and canvas skylight with full zip openings.




All Black Rock Equipment Tents are shipped with a sturdy and lightweight 8.5′ telescoping ladder for easy access in and out of your tent. The ladder is collapsible and permanently attached to the fold-out base.


Built-in Mattress


Located inside every Lower Trestles tent there is a 6 cm custom-shaped foam mattress with a waterproof cover. This isn’t your typical camping mattress. Say goodbye to sleeping on rocks and hello to a life of luxury




Powered by any USB battery, the Southern California Series comes with a single detachable LED strip light inside.

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